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“Peter Vodenka gives you the opportunity to be right there in the action to experience what he and his family did. You will find yourself talking to the family, cheering them on, and wanting to get rid of the evildoers.


You think you have problems? Think again!”


                                                                                                                                                  Carol H

Journey For Freedom


In June of 1983, Peter Vodenka, his wife, four-year old daughter, and two-year old son, defected from behind the Iron Curtain of communist Czechoslovakia. In the middle of a cold, dark, rainy night, they ran for their lives across the border from Communist Yugoslavia to western Austria while being chased by guards with dogs, automatic weapons, and spotlights. 


Peter had spent ten years planning their escape. They did not tell their families of their plan, and left them and everything they owned behind. This was their way to protect their families from the wrath of their government, which they knew would follow if they were successful. If Peter and his wife would have been captured alive, both would have faced an automatic ten year sentence in a hard-labor prison camp with the most dangerous criminals. Their children would have been taken and raised in government run institutions. They would have been labeled as political criminals, and possibly never would be allowed to see their children again.

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