“Thank you for speaking to my class today. You were very inspirational and I feel renewed. I know I take my freedoms for granted and you opened my eyes. It is nice to know that anything is possible in America!”

Katie C

“Thank you again for speaking at our school. The conversations that followed were tremendous. AP history was dynamic because they are currently studying the Cold War…. We feel so fortunate that you were here to share your amazing Journey to Freedom.”

John W

Powerful and engaging speaker

“Peter Vodenka is a powerful and engaging speaker on a variety of subjects, but without equal when he speaks of the fascinating escape from communist Czechoslovakia he engineered for his family. I have known him since shortly after his defection and consider him a superb combination of the best characteristics of both his Czech homeland and his adopted America.”

Ray Cowdery
Author of Reinhard Heydrich Assassination

“Thank you for speaking at our school today! If I would have known how fascinating your story was, I would have given you two hours to speak!”

Kathy C

“Phenomenal presentation! This story needs to be heard by all, especially in our school systems. Keep spreading the word.”

Amy C

“Thank you for speaking to our Veteran’s group. We had a lot of compliments. You gave us much to think about. Your story is so interesting, we were all on the edge of our seats!”

Sue V

“What a patriotic & motivational experience! A great way to end our conference! Thank you for reminding me how great it is to be an American!”

Nancy V

“I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful presentation at our rotary club today. I got a lot of very positive feedback!”

Sheila M

Very suspenseful!


“I felt compelled to email you as I very much enjoyed your book. I actually couldn’t put it down and it was one of those kind of books where you want to keep reading but have to go to sleep because of work the next day. The story of what you and your family went through was scary! I also lent the book to a colleague at work. She said the same thing. Very suspenseful!”

Barb P