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Picture of Peter Vodenka

Peter had a fear and a dream. At just 18, he was trapped. Tired of looking over his shoulder and longing for freedom, Peter decided to break free.


For 10 years, he didn’t rest, doggedly plotting his escape from communist Czechoslovakia. He risked everything to set his plan in motion. 


He could not fail. Death or imprisonment awaited those who were caught.

And he wasn’t alone.


The lives of his wife and children depended on his every move. And so it began—his journey for freedom.


“Powerful presentation! Peter motivates the audience with his ability to express his lifelong commitment and desires to succeed! He captivates the audience with the challenges his family has overcome to live the American dream. Looking forward to reading his book.”


                                                                                                   Darrell Schrader

President: The 1902 Cowboys

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